Taradeau is situated just 10 minutes from the A8 autoroute via the RD7 between Vidauban and Le Muy and is within 1 hoursdrive of Nice airport.  The village is also just 50 minutes drive from Hyeres/Toulon airport via the A8 and A57 to Cannes des Maures then the RD7 to Vidauban.

If you have a GPS system such as TomTom, Garmin etc. our co-ordinates are :

North : 43. 27' 463" and East : 6 25' 690"

Please Note

    In 2012, changes were made to French legislation regarding GPS systems which have made it 

illegal to use systems that notify you of the locations of speed cameras (fixed or mobile) while driving. 

 If your device has a safety camera warning facility, and you continue to use it,  

you are liable to a fine of € 1,500 and the withdrawal of 6 points on your driver's licence.

Therefore, it is extremely advisable to amend your GPS system to comply with the law in France.


It is now a legal requirement to display a Clean Air Certificate in your car in certain areas of France.

As of January 2018, the "Crit'Air" car stickers are currently in use in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Chambery and Marseille. Between now and 2020, it is expected that some 25 areas will take part in the scheme. 

You can find out more information about this on the following RAC website:

You can also apply online for the "Crit'Air" car sticker at a cost, including postage, of around € 3.21.on the following site:

Driving Directions from Nice Airport

From Nice airport there is a quick and easy access onto the A8 autoroute at Jn. 50. Drive onto the A8 and pass through two peages (tolls), the first at Cannes and the second at Frejus. Leave the A8 at Jn. 36 - (overhead green signpost to St Tropez, Draguignan, Ste Maxime and white signpost to Vidauban, Les Arcs, Le Muy) - where there is a further peage

After exiting the peage, drive down to roundabout big white sign on right hand side green signboard for Draguignan, Toulon, Aix-en-Provence underneath which is LE MUY, LES ARCS S/A and TRANS EN PCE.

Ignore left turn to Les Cigales and right turn to St TROPEZ and Ste MAXIME.

Continue straight on for around two hundred metres then take right hand slip road, green signpost pointing right to AIX EN PCE, TOULON, FREJUS-ST RAPHAEL and white signpost pointing right to  LES ARCS S/ARGENS and LE MUY. Drive 100 metres to the next roundabout then take right exit, green signpost to AIX EN PCE and TOULON and white signpost to VIDAUBAN and LES ARCS S/ARGENS. This is the DN7. Continue straight on at the next roundabout and after around 5 minutes you will see Hyper U on your right. In another half kilometre, after a 70 kilometre speed restriction sign (white circle with red band) you will see a white sign with a yellow D10 at the top signposted to LES ARCS and TARADEAU.

 Take this right fork and in just over 100 metres you will arrive at a roundabout. Take the third exit onto the D10 opposite signposted Lorgues,/Taradeau. You will pass U DRIVE on your left. (There is a petrol station on this site). Stay on the D10 for approximately two kilometres, passing underneath the railway bridge, and continue until you pass tennis courts on your right and the sign for Taradeau after which you arrive at a small roundabout with a large wooden wine barrel under a roofed construction in the middle of it. Continue straight ahead and you will pass Les Vignerons de Taradeau on your left. The road narrows and after a further 100 metres you reach a small crossroads.

The Hotel de Ville (with pink marble steps and terracing is on the right-hand corner of these crossroads. The road to the right is signposted to Ampus, Flayosc, Draguignan.  It is the D73/Route de Flayosc. There are signs directing you to Chateau des Selles/Domaine Ott and Chateau Rasque on the left corner. Take this road and you will pass La Poste on your left. Take the next turn right, signposted Montée de la Chapelle. This is a steep road for around 500 metres up to a T-junction. You will see the Tour de Taradel (a tall rectangular stone-built construction) up on your right and a sign opposite pointing to Fromagerie elevage Bertin - a local goats cheese farm (ferme de chevre).

Turn immediately left at this T-junction and, after driving down towards the village centre, in approximately 200 metres you bear right as you pass a wooden barrier on your left with white goat's ears mounted on top. Take the first small road on your right signposted Montée de Taradel and again the sign to the Ferme de Chevre (again a white goat's head with an arrow) and another sign to les Residences la Tour de Taradel.

There are 3 large green waste bins to the left of these signs and a further.three waste disposal units at the side of these.

Drive in this direction for a further 350 metres to where the road turns sharp left. (There is a road to your right with a blue and white sign - Residences la Tour de Taradel, a 20km speed restriction and a STOP sign).

On your left you will see the road sign Chemin de Belveses. There are two new houses on your left and Villa La Romarine, which has green shutters, is the first house sitting high on your right-hand side opposite the second taller house with cream painted walls.

We are number 80 which is sited on our letter box in the high wall to your right which also bears the nameplate for Villa La Romarine. There are black entrance gates on your right installed between two white rectangular columns bearing large white pine cones. To the right of the nameplate is an electronic entryphone system. Please press the button and we will open the gates and be down to welcome you.

Bon Route


Whatever your horsepower!!

Whatever car you use